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Wasp, Bees & Hornets Removal Service In East and West Sussex

We can remove wasp, bees and hornets from your property. We offer this service in East Sussex and West Sussex Areas.

Sussex is known for having a problematic amount of wasp’s & bee infestations during summer months, as queen wasps come out of hibernation in spring and start forming nests. We are able to terminate both wasps and hornets and remove their nests without causing any harm to yourself, your family or your guests.
Please do not attempt to remove any nests by yourself as you can aggravate them and cause great harm to yourself, your loved ones and even your neighbours. It is best to have a pest control professional take care of the wasp or hornet problem with special care and trained skill.
We are asked many times by customers if they should get rid of the nest so they aren’t reused the next year?
Wasps die in the winter in the UK, all accept the mated new queen survives, and in some cases, she uses the original nest or builds a smaller nest golf ball sized to Hibernate, but once her eggs are hatched they will build a new nest and the others disregarded.

The urban myth that revolves around the honey bee is whether it is a protected species, the answer is plain and simple, No.

"Very quick efficient and friendly response."

"Got rid of my wasp's nests excellent job well done."

" I can't remember this company highly enough from the lovely lady that answered the phone to the thoughtful conscientious man who came to deal with my wasps. Their service is second to none and they went above and beyond andy expectations. Thankyou"
"Well done, I can open my windows now."

San-tech pest control has an ethical policy not to kill the honey bees as the pesticides that we use may go back to other hives and have a negative effect on the local bee population.

We can, however, put you in contact with local beekeepers if you have bee problem.
We are an advocate for the Think wildlife scheme wherever possible we work with an environmental and eco ethos.

Wasp Removal Service Bee Removal Service In East & West Sussex