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Squirrels Removal Service In East & West Sussex

We offer squirrel removal services in East Sussex and West Sussex.

Our pest control experts can help you take care of your squirrel infestation by using traditional trapping methods and humanely dispatching the animal. We can also ensure that your property is squirrel proof after we have exterminated all the pests, in order to prevent any re-infestation.

Squirrels have become a common pest in Sussex as they tend to take sanctuary in warm and safe places such as the attic. Squirrels usually enter the premises through holes in balconies and arches and make nests throughout the home.

They can cause severe damage to the property as they chew on wooden beams and electrical wiring to file their teeth. In order to repair the wood damage, you will need to hire specialised carpenters and contractors and the electrical wiring can only be repaired by a qualified electrician.

These kinds of home repairs can be very expensive and must be done since the structural and electrical damage squirrels cause can be very dangerous and make your property unsafe.

"I cannot recommend San-Tech enough. They came out on a Sunday at short notice to investigate noises in our loft, and returned a few hours later to remove a large grey squirrel! They were so helpful and their communication was brilliant... very professional and very reasonable."

The grey squirrel is not indigenous to this country and is slowly wiping out the native red squirrel, and have been classified as a pest. You could be facing extensive damage to electrical wiring and timbers if you find yourself with one of these in your home. Call San-Tech Pest Control

For more information on squirrel removal service, call us now at 01424 259 839, or drop us a message and we will get back to you.