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Rat Removal Services In East & West Sussex

We provide rat control and removal services in East Sussex and West Sussex areas. Some of the areas we cover are Bexhill-on-Sea, Battle, Hastings, Ore Valley, Crowborough, Hailsham, Heathfield, Lewes, Rye, Winchelsea, Uckfield, Wadhurst, Worthing, Brighton, Hove, Seaford, Newhaven, Telscombe, Peacehaven, Eastbourne, Polegate.

If you hear noises in your loft and think you have rats, don’t delay in getting rid of them. As rats carry disease and they can also cause damage to electrical wiring with a risk of fire. With Trapping or poison options, Call San-tech Pest Control.

Rat infestations are a very common problem at both private residences and commercial properties throughout East Sussex. Although these Rodents are omnivores they do prefer to eat meat, so with council cutbacks on pest control and bin collections being reduced, the pickings are getting easier and the rats are stronger and healthier.
The law on poison has changed also, and only a qualified professional can buy the bait strong enough to sort out our ever-multiplying rat population. The impact on the wildlife through the general public being able to bait has been devastating and the rats are becoming resistant to some poisons.

We are able to remove rats by using the latest professional pest control products, including rodenticidal baits and rat bait stations, we are also strongly in favour of more traditional methods of pest control and use trapping in a lot of cases, as this has less of an impact to the environment and can eliminate the problem of rotting carcasses. All our rat bait boxes are tamper-proof as well as safe to use around pets and children. Our pest controllers can also help to rat-proof the property in order to prevent another rodent infestation.

"Simply incredible service and price. We have had other pest control companies in the past and San-Tech was 100 times better. We were made to feel comfortable, Dave came out within a very short time day or night to remove.......24 rats in total over a month!!

We cannot recommend him enough and would go so far as to say that you should not consider going anywhere else. We had to pay him more in the end than he asked for, that is how good he was"

The saying goes: you are never more than 6ft away from a rat!
This may well be an urban myth but Rats do breed at an alarming rate, a typical female Rat has 8-12 pups in a litter, but in some cases, the count has been as much as 22, and when you think they have on average 5 litters per year the toll soon adds up, and it’s not long before you inundated with these disease spreading rodents.

Infestations can be harmful to you, your family, your employees and your clients, as rodents have the ability to spread human diseases such as Weil's disease, Salmonella and Murine Typhus. Rats can chew through wires and wood, causing dangerous electrical damage as well as extensive harm to your property which will be very expensive to repair.

For more information on rat removal services, call us now at 01424 259 839 or drop us a message.

Pest Control In East & West Sussex