Fumigation Services In East & West Sussex

If an area has been neglected, a disease has recently broken out, or the property has been infested with rats or other vermin, it is often necessary to completely disinfect the area. San-Tech Pest Control offers professional, eco-friendly sterilisation services to help you thoroughly clean your premise, leaving it completely disease-free. We complete sanitation services for both commercial and residential properties in Bexhill-on-Sea as well as other cities throughout Southeast Sussex.

Fogging vs Fumigation

There is a common misunderstanding concerning the differences and similarities between fumigation and fogging. Many people believe that they are simply the same thing, but this is incorrect. Fumigation is a somewhat outdated technique, which has mostly been replaced by fog. When people ask or search for ‘fumigation’, what usually require is a professional fogging service.

What is Fumigation?

Fumigation uses a formaldehyde solution to poison and kills insects in a confined space. It is has been proven to be very effective in sterilising a property.

However, fumigation has become unpopular for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • The chemicals it uses are carcinogenic.
  • They cause allergies, respiratory problems and irritate the sinuses.
  • They are corrosive and cause damage to the property
  • After fumigation, all surfaces need to be thoroughly cleaned.
  • Afterwards, the air also needs to be ‘de-fumigated’ with a special device.

What is Fogging?

Fogging is an eco-friendly and health-conscious sterilisation solution. Fogging uses a specialised machine to spray a fine mist of disinfectants.

Fogging kills:

  • Viruses which can cause Hepatitis and Encephalitis.
  • Bacteria such as E Coli and Salmonella.
  • Spores which cause Dangerous Molds.
  • Fungi which cause Histoplasmosis and Candidiasis.

Where Can Fogging Be Used?

  • Neglected Premises - When an area has not been cleaned regularly, it is expected that the population of pathogens in the area will increase.
  • Crime Scenes - If blood or bodies have been left to decompose at a premise, it tends to attract both pests and disease.
  • Drug Abuse Premises - These areas are usually filthy and might even be filled with viruses deadly viruses which can cause HIV and Hepatitis.
  • Nursing Homes - When there is a flu outbreak at a nursing home this can be very dangerous to residents. San Tech Pest Control can help to sterilise the facility using fogging.
  • Hospitals - Bacterial or viral outbreaks also need to be controlled at hospitals and other medical facilities in order to prevent more patients from being infected.

Effective Sterilisation Services in East Sussex

San-Tech Pest Control will conduct a swab test before and after the fogging process. The natural chemical we use is guaranteed to eliminate every pathogen known to man. We will be able to show which pathogens were present before fogging and that the area is completely germ-free afterwards.


Cat and Dog flea are pain and in the summer the problem seems to get worse, although you may treat your pets your carpet can still have eggs and fleas lying in wait for their next victim. Call San-tech Pest Control to fumigate your home.

Contact us if you would like to make use of our fogging services. Book a free evaluation of your East Sussex property by calling 01424 259839 or 075 0299 5557 or emailing us at info@san-tech.org