Bio-Hazard Cleanup Service In East & West Sussex

We offer a full bio-hazard clean up service in East Sussex.
Do you let out a property? Had a bad tenant, a drug user who has left your property littered with all the drug users paraphernalia? We know how devastating this can be, not to mention the high risk to you. San-Tech can take control of the situation and make it totally safe via our disinfectant system ensuring all risks of HIV all HEPS, in fact, any pathogens bacteria, the virus is killed within 1 minute of contact and remains active for 7 days. Guaranteed.

We first start of with an intensive clean up and then complete it with a fumigation of the area.
Bio Hazard Cleanups In East & West Sussex

Intensive Cleans

We offer an intensive sterilisation cleaning service for both private residences and commercial properties in East Sussex. We’ve seen our fair share properties affected by hoarding and general neglect. Not only does the accumulated rubbish make the property seem filthy, but hoarding also creates the perfect conditions for pests, such as rodents and mice, to take up residence. These vermin also bring in parasitic insects, such as fleas and pathogens which can be very dangerous to human health.

We guarantee our clients that we will leave your house pest and insect free by offering a unique cleaning package which includes house clearance and the removal of all rubbish, extermination of any pests and comprehensive sterilisation afterwards. We donate any usable items to charities and we also try to ensure that our pest control and cleaning methods are environmentally friendly.

Advanced issues found

Even after a pest infestation has been eliminated, bacteria and viruses contained in their waste could still be left behind. That's why offer a fumigation service, it gives you peace of mind that your property is completely sterile. We will eliminate the bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi. So you can be confident that the best pest-infested area will be absolutely safe once we have completed.

Fumigation Services In East & West Sussex