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Rabbit Control Service In East & West Sussex

Rabbits are becoming a huge nuisance in the rural areas of Sussex as they are threatening native plants and eating farmers’ crops. Native plants such as the lesser water-plantain and the marsh helleborine are wiped out by the grazing of rabbits. These native plants, vital to the natural ecosystem of the Sussex countryside, are unable to regenerate due to seedlings being eaten by rabbits. This means that if the rabbits population is not managed correctly, these plants will soon be extinct and Sussex’s natural environment will be irrevocably changed.

For farmers, having rabbits target and destroy your crops can be costly. The longer you wait to deal with the problem, the more extensive the rabbit infestation will be and the more expensive it will be to solve the issue. That is why you need to deal with the problem quickly and effectively. Our pest control experts use traditional trapping and shooting methods to discreetly and humanely remove rabbits from your property and manage their population throughout the area.
Rabbit Control Service In East & West Sussex