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Rat Control Services

I can hear noises in my loft and think I have rats, don’t delay as well as carrying disease...

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Mouse Control Services

I have a tiny mouse under my sink unit, do I need Pest Control? They can look small and...

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Bird Control

Coastal towns Like Bexhill-on Sea, Hastings and Eastbourne are lovely and the sound...

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Bed Bug Eradication

With more and more people traveling and a trend to up-cycling second had goods...

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Wasp Nest Removal

East Sussex in the Summer, BBQs and eating al fresco wonderful, until that...

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Flea Fumigation Services

Cat and Dog fleas are a pain and in the summer the problem seems to get worse, although...

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Mole Control Services

Holes in your lawn or golf course? Call San-Tech Pest Control today to deal with your...

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Squirrel Control

The grey squirrel is not indigenous to this country and is slowly wiping out the native...

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Woodworm Treatment


There are three main wood boring beetles in the uk that their larvae are termed as...

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Guano Removal Services


Are Pigeons and Seagulls driving you mad, the noise, the mess, risk to health...

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Roof & Gutter Cleaning


After years of dealing with the mess on roofs and in gutters that birds leave. we started to...

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Carpet & Rug Cleaning Services


All our technicians are Ashby trained and we have high powered machines that will...

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San-Tech Pest Control

San-Tech Pest Control are highly experienced and environmentally friendly pest control experts working throughout East & West Sussex. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality, professional Mammal, Avian and Insect Control that will leave your premises completely pest free. Based in Bexhill-on-Sea, we provide discreet pest control services to clients in towns and cities such as Hastings, Eastbourne, Rye, Lewes, Brighton and Newhaven.

Our pest control services include the extermination of Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Wasps and Flea infestations. We also manage Rat, Mouse, Mole, Squirrel and Rabbit populations using shooting, baiting and trapping. We also help clients throughout Sussex to control the Birds at their property by installing post and wire as well as bird spike systems.

As a Family Run business, we uphold traditional values, such as Trustworthiness and Reliability. Our pest control team is friendly, approachable and willing to answer any needs a client might have. San-tech Pest Control works in compliance with Think Wildlife guidelines and is Members of "NPTA" National Pest Technicians Association.

Rats & Mice Control In Bexhill

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